The Flavor Apprentice (TFA/TPA) Aroma's

The Perfumers Apprentice (TPA) started in 2004 as a small shop in Santa Cruz, California, USA. It was a place where people could learn about perfumes and chemistry through workshops and classes, and experiment with a myriad of fragrances. From the cozy early days the TPA has grown organically and rapidly to an informative and trusted online source with a wide range of aromatic liquids. The Flavors Apprentice (TFA) was formed to provide trusted, high quality, food grade flavorings for a variety of uses. TFA is one of the largest suppliers of flavors to vapers worldwide. They have a truly extraordinary range of flavors, and you should find everything you could need to make the perfect juice.

Flavor essences are purchased directly from The Flavor Apprentice and rebottled by VapeHolland.

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