Steeping E-Liquids

Steeping E-Liquids

Our MBV liquids are mixed fresh on order, and therefor it’s best to let them steep in a cool dark place for one week before using for the best flavor results.

What is steeping e-liquid?

Steeping e-liquid, in its simplest form, is the process in which you allow a bottle of e-liquid (or E-Juice) to “age” or mature in the bottle. Similar to the aging process for wine… actually, its basically the exact same thing. Wine uses the extracts of natural fruits (namely grapes) When you extract the flavor from a fruit such as grapes, you get a concentrate form of the fruit. However along with the grape flavor, these extracts also contain natural alcohols or solvents. These alcohols are necessary for fruits to form the flavor of the fruit. These alcohols are safe to eat, drink, or vape. However, as you might expect, alcohols do not taste good to drink or vape. They can add a harsh or “chemical” taste to wine or eliquid. Allowing wine or e-liquid to age (or steep) helps these alcohols to either evaporate or chemically break down and become infused with the flavors and actually enhance them. Steeping helps reduce or remove that chemical taste, harshness, and all around improve the flavor.

Fun fact: These alcohols, although bad tasting, are regarded as generally safe. However, there is no denying, they can sometimes taste bad, so why dont e-liquid manufacturers remove them in the first place? Here’s why every single made-to-order e-liquid manufacturer does not take steps to remove these solvents. These solvents are actually 100% necessary to making a proper flavor. They help flavors dissolve into each other and overall helps create more complex flavors. Without these solvents, fruit flavors (and other flavors) would not mix into juice and would seperate!

Tip : Some flavors require steeping more than others. Ultimately I cannot tell you what flavors do and dont need steeping. In the end, its up to your individual taste buds. Basically, if you like a flavor, it doesnt need steeping. But if you dont like the taste of a flavor, especially if it has a harsh or “chemical taste” then I recommend that you try steeping that flavor to see if you like it better.

How to steep:

Step 1 (VERY IMPORTANT STEP): Shake the bottle lightly for 1-2 minutes, dont overshake, avoid creating too many bubbles (especially the tiny microbubbles) Be sure to flip the bottle over at some point to make sure everything is mixed well. This is the only time in the steeping process that you will shake the bottle.

Step 2: Remove the twist off cap and let the bottle sit in a dark place that is between 70°F-75°F, away from pets, children, and anyone who might for some reason drink or knock the bottle over. The goal of this step is to allow the natural alcohols and solvents to rise to the top of the liquid and evaporate. Thats why we only shake the liquid in the first step, because we want the alcohols to rise to the top of the liquid.

Step 3: Let the bottle sit for 24 hours. And when you find yourself fantasizing about how good the juice will taste once its done steeping, you might as well walk over and give the bottle a light squeeze to get all of the air out of the bottle (without squeezing any juice out) The more times you do this the better, but dont stress about it, even just once  halfway through is okay.

Step 4: Put the cap back on and let it sit for two days. Make sure the bottle remains in a safe place at a moderate temperature and doesnt get moved around a lot.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2,3, and 4 until you notice a change in color or flavor (you can keep going if you want! You can repeat steps 2,3, and 4 for up to two weeks. You wont really notice much difference after 2 weeks)